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Contact Type's Products

These cards have built-in logic to control the access to the memory of the card. Sometimes referred to as Intelligent Memory cards, these devices can be set to write- protect some or the entire memory array. Some of these cards can be configured to restrict access to both reading and writing. This is usually done through a password or system key. Segmented memory cards can be divided into logical sections for planned multi-functionality. These cards are not easily duplicated but can possibly be impersonated by hackers. They typically can be tracked by an on-card identifier.

Types of contact type security ICs available:

  • Atmel AT88SC family (AT88SC0204C, AT88SC0404C, AT88SC0808C, AT88SC3216C)
  • Infineon SLE family (SLE5542, SLE5528, SLE5552, SLE5532, SLE5518, SLE5538)
  • Fudan FM family (FM4442, FM4428)
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