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Card Bureau Service's Types

Certified Secured Distribution

Smarttech has devoted over 100,000 square feet in our warehouses for secured card distribution. Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay Card have approved and certified the space, making Smarttech the only fulfillment services company approved by the three major card associations to fulfill secured cards.

We can provide the following plastic card fulfillment services:

  • Custom card printing and personalization
  • Apply and encode magnetic striping
  • Card Embossing & Tipping
  • Laser Engraving
  • Chip Encoding
  • Print information such as PINs and apply scratch-off panels
  • Apply bar codes, QR code and printed data
  • Verify encoded and printed data
  • Print personalized letters
  • Design and print card carriers to your specifications
  • Match cards to personalized carriers
  • Design and print other package material
  • Print personalized envelopes to your specifications
  • Address envelopes
  • Assemble personalized kits

Insert items into envelopes

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