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Photo ID Cards in the work place are becoming more and more common.
Having a photo ID card is the perfect way to let others know who you are whether at the work place, on business trips or at business functions / exhibitions.

The first step is to come up with a basic template for your photo ID card design. If you are unsure of what you would like then we would be happy to either send you some samples of ID cards that we have, or come up with a fresh idea specifically for your card.

We can then create a PDF proof sheet of your proposed ID card for you to view and approve before we finalize ID card printing..

If you are happy with this we can then provide ID cards showing a photograph of the holder plus other relevant details. These details can also be encoded on to magnetic stripes and/or in barcode form.

  • Customised cards (logos, graphics)
  • Single or double sided printing
  • Magnetic stripes & encoding
  • Signatures and barcodes
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