Card Embosser / Tipper


PVC card Embosser

The e card manual card embosser personalizes standard card standard card types and is embedded with all standard embossing fonts. This embosser is designed to personalize PVC plastic cards used in various applications including banking, security, loyalty, healthcare and other applications that require the prints to be raised. It is an excellent way to personalize ATM cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and other small embossing jobs. The hardened steel dies and punches give you 20 large characters (height: 4.6mm, width: 2.9mm), 45 small characters (height: 3.2mm, width: 2.0mm) and 2 correcting characters. You can expect to emboss approximately 40 cards per hour (40 characters per card).

1.Five line/ANSI
2.OCR-7B font plus alpha/numeric
3.10 X 7 per inch spacing
4.Hardened steel dies and punches
5.For use on CR-80 cards(credit card size)

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